Salient Power Engineering has had success with all types of jobs inside the United States.  Salient Power is the first company you will call with new jobs and to fix existing problems.
Municipalities - 
Salient Power understands the unique constraints faced by municipal utilities in operating their power systems while being stewards to the community they serve. 



Rural Electrical Associations (REA), CO-Ops & Investor Owned Utilities -
Complete civil and electrical substation design, protective relaying settings and coordination, interconnection and system studies and compliance review are some of the services Salient Power can provide to utilities of any size. 


Oil and Gas and other Large Industrial Facilities –
Delivering electric services to large facilities is an often overlooked yet critical aspect of any plant design. Salient Power engineers can work with the utility to facilitate interconnection,  design the high voltage facilities within the plant and allow plant and facilities engineers to focus on the tasks which they do best. 
On Site Assistance -
Salient engineers know their way around your electrical system. If you need help investigating outages, troubleshooting misoperations, collecting study data, training personnel, overseeing commissioning and testing or simply being onsite to answer questions, Salient Power engineers enjoy working with your site personnel.
Renewable Energy –
Salient Power performs services for wind, solar and other renewable energy projects and developers.  We understand the unique challenges of large grid as well as distribution interconnections.  Salient can provide solutions within the plant, at interconnect substations and transmission lines including site assessment, compliance reviews, and system control.