Power.  People need it, we Engineer it. 


Only by making your project a success will Salient Power Engineering be satisfied.  

It is vital that we develop a collaborative, responsive rapport ensuring your company receives superior designs and services. 



Salient Power Engineering is a different type of consulting service. Not only do we have top notch engineers and tools and software, we are also adept at building relationships that enhance the project experience. 

Our solutions are innovative and enduring.



We at Salient Power Engineering are strategists, understanding our clients complex needs and challenges and designing tailored solutions to help them achieve their goals.

We begin by understanding and aligning goals for the entire scope of the project. This allows us to provide and meet clear benchmarks in order to complete a successful project. 


Salient Power Engineering, LLC is a full service Electric Power Engineering consulting company, located in Arvada, Colorado.  With over 30 years combined experience we offer a wide range of services to investor owned, municipal, and cooperative utilities as well as industrial clients.  Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Transmission, Distribution and Industrial Low Voltage System Planning

      - Assessments, impact fees, capital plan development

      - Equipment sizing and selection

  • Conceptual Design - Electrical and Physical

      - Budget and cost estimating

      - Service application, interconnection and permitting assistance

  • Detailed Engineering Design

      - System design drawings, equipment and construction specifications

      - Bid evaluation

  • Power System Studies for Transmission, Distribution and Industrial Projects

      - Feasibility and interconnection studies

      - Load flow, transient motor starting, power factor correction

      - Fault analysis - short circuit, arc flash

      - Protection scheme development – communications, relay settings, coordination

      - Load shedding

      - Harmonic analysis and power quality

  • Field Engineering Services

      - Data collection and record drawing development

      - Installation – relay retrofits, RTU, metering and controls integration

      - Testing and commissioning

      - Maintenance recommendations

      - Construction observation

      - Training for engineers, field personnel and operators

  • Project Management

  • Forensic Engineering and Expert Testimony

  • NERC Compliance Review and Recommendations

Salient provides quality engineering services meeting customers’ design, schedule and budget expectations. We look forward to being your Electric Power Engineering consultants.